Sleeky for YOURLS but with a darkmode frontend!
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Based on Sleeky by Flynntes

The Sleeky frontend isn't dark mode, so I made it dark mode

I have also fixed some errors that some users have received

Demo Img

Quick Start

  1. Get a YOURLS install up and running.
  2. Clone this repo.
  3. Move all contents of the zip to the root of your YOURLS installation.
  4. Overwrite all contents or it might break.
  5. Open the frontend/config.php file and change the values to suit (Remember to setup reCAPTCHA). Sleeky frontend is now installed a ready
  6. Activate the plugin in the YOURLS admin area (sho.rt/admin/plugins.php). The plugin will show as DarkSleeky Backend.
  7. Done. Sleeky is now installed


Need a hand? I would love to help you out! Message Me on discord (SophiaXD#3076). Alternatively, you could open an issue on I will have long term support for this theme.